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Actress Author Filmmaker Suzanne Etc is a multi-talented personality, and The London Lights Entertainment caught up with her to talk all about the different hats that she wears.

How did you become an actress and a model, please tell us your story?

While reflecting on my life as a [then] 24-year-old, I decided that if I never tried to model, I would regret it.

So I went online and found a photographer who in all honesty wasn’t the best first choice, but I saw potential in the photos and used it as a learning experience.

I kept scheduling shoots after that, and I dove into the modeling world.

I took on the challenges and risks.

I booked free “trade” photoshoots almost every single day, until I gained some traction and spaced out free shoots with paid work and television appearances, where I modeled clothing on local Detroit news stations.

I loved being on TV in “motion picture” compared to photographs, and my modeling work was very expressive, so acting was a natural second choice.

I’m still learning who I am as an actress, but I love the world of film both in front and behind the camera as I experiment with producing my art films.

Which job do you enjoy the most, acting, modelling, film making or writing?

This is hard for me to answer, as I enjoy all the things for different reason.

My favorite aspect of my career is being able to let each of these paths find their way to melt together in a truly interesting way.

Modeling crosses paths with acting and film, as does writing and filmmaking, and these projects are the most fulfilling to me.

Sometimes new roads of self-expression are discovered.

I am now newly dabbling with music, since I find such an interest in writing and sound production from previous film projects I have produced.

What struggles did you have to face to reach where you are now?

There have been endless struggles.

I’ve faced death, starvation, humiliation, abuse, and betrayal to become the person I am today, even just in my upbringing and childhood.

As I chose to first have a career in modeling, that world dug its nails in my back, and definitely left some scars.

All of this past pain has made it easier to transition into the multi-faceted artist that I am today, as I pay little mind to what others have to say about me, and I don’t take punches without a fight.

What book have you authored, what is it about and where can we find it?

My poetry book will debut before Valentine’s Day, and will be available through all major retailers. You can get more information on my website,

What are your contributions to filmmaking? Where can we see your work?

My biggest contribution to date is my silent art films series, RED.

The concept is completely original and is my way of making some sort of pop art with the medium of film.

I also created, “AMY: LOVE KILLED ME”, which was another original idea inspired by the life of Amy Winehouse, the immense amount of love she had, and how ultimately this would become her demise.

I relate to her, her music and statements on the mainstream have helped to shape me as an artist. I originally published it on my Instagram and selected pieces are on YouTube.

My website also displays all of my work.

What are your plans for the future? What projects are in the pipeline?

I have many plans for the future, and several projects are in the pipeline.

I like to remain a bit mysterious, but I will share that I am creating more art films, and planning some exciting releases in multiple mediums.

Expect more abstract self portraiture (digital and film), as well as new collaborations, some music and a lot of unexpected things.

I plan on breaking all the ground that I can, from Detroit to LA to wherever I go.

What is your style? Who is your favourite fashion icon?

Interesting question. I do not base my style on trends, as I live in my bubble. I like things to be polished yet destroyed.

I grew up listening to rock music, and this edginess has definitely been a part of my style.

Gold-toned jewelry, the perfect perfume, and the right heels. I only own one pair of tennis shoes, which I bought during Quarantine—Custom Nike Air Force 1’s.

In terms of fashion icons, I remain unsure.

Growing up, I idolized my cousin, who I’ll remain unnamed. She was a model and made me have a young love for turtle necks and Ralph Lauren.

Sometimes I also think my love of Sarah Jessica Parker’s character of Carrie from Sex and The City influenced me to have wild and untamed hair, which has become a part of my look.

What is your beauty and fitness regime?

I use a lot of The Ordinary products. I like to do MMA-inspired workouts, and anything where I can focus my frustrations and turn them into more of a tangible energy.

I also like cycling and horseback riding, which I started at age 5.

Which actor, actress, model, filmmaker and author do you really look up to?

I really enjoy the author Charles Bukowski, and the filmmakers David Lynch and Alfred Hitchcock — who I’ve watched a lot over quarantine.

I’ve always loved actress Angelina Jolie, and model Gia Carangi—who Jolie actually played in the film, “Gia”.

I also love the late Anna Nicole Smith, and her beautiful shamelessness that lives on in my heart.

Where can your fans find you on social media/website and what message would you like to give to young girls who want to pursue this as a career?

You can find me on Instagram and twitter under the handle, @suzanne_etc, or on my website

In terms of a message for young girls wanting to get in the entertainment industry: learn what self love is, and practice it always.

Don’t let a job make you have an unhealthy relationship with food or allow you to tolerate toxic people just because of a “power role”.

Don’t let the opinions of others get to you and don’t trust easily.

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