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SUZANNE ETC was interviewed by the blog, Tention Free, for their fashion blog where they interview many up-and-coming public figures.

Read the article below or on Tention Free's website!

(photo by Dionne Harris)

Tention Free: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Your background, and what your passion is?

I’m Suzanne Etc, a multifaceted artist. I started off modeling in Detroit, and expanded my work into film projects as I split my time between the D and LA. My passion is to create original art, and to truly express myself through that process, whether or not it is understood by others. A real artist doesn’t try to imitate, they simply exist.

Tention Free: Can you please tell our readers more about your professions?

Sure—I do all sorts of creative things, usually in high heels. I’m an artist at the core. I express this through being a model, actress, filmmaker, poet, photographer, etc…

Besides being a published model, I’ve released short art films, in which I star as a silent actress, such as the “RED” series in 2019 and most recently, “AMY: LOVE KILLED ME”.

I’ve started to release some glimpses of my poetry work, which is set to be released as a series of collections.

Tention Free: Who or what is your biggest influence for your film projects?

That’s tough, since I have many sources of inspiration. I suppose in my past work that I’ve published, like “RED” and “AMY”, I’ve tried to use the medium to convey complex emotions through simple things like colors, gestures, as well as the samples I used in the sound design process. In the last of RED, I used a popping static sound to make the listener as uncomfortable as I was while making it.

Tention Free: Any upcoming projects?

Tons. I’ll be releasing my first collection of prose and poetry, as well as new art films, and some new modeling work. I’m also working on a music project which will debut in 2021.

I’m finding time over quarantine to stay creative in new ways, and that has been a great way to ignite new projects from the firey depths of my [creative] mind, and into this place we call Earth.

Tention Free: What has been your biggest inspiration?

Currently, rediscovering my childhood angst and 80’s music.

Tention Free: What motivates you to do your best work as a model and artist?

I think my best motivator has always been my determination to prove others—and myself—wrong, as negative as it may be. Also, my fear of dying with unfulfilled potentials has become another motivator to keep busy.

Tention Free: Did you choose the entertainment industry, as a career, or as a hobby

Interesting question. I think it was always with the intention of starting some sort of career—at the time of my first photo shoot, it was “just to see what would happen”, and I guess I fell in love with the camera, despite all the flaws behind it that make that industry so ugly. I just didn’t stop, and thought of myself as a brand and artist as a whole, and really worked on it every waking second… it definitely became a full blown career and way of life.

Tention Free: What made you go beyond modeling?

Modeling is something that comes naturally and I’m just naturally ‘good’ at it, so I’ve always hesitated with leaving that industry completely since I don’t want to waste the undeniable potential… I’ve always had a passion for film and writing, and that meshed well with how I express myself as an artist, so I evolved and my career has progressed into something much more complex.

Tention Free: Everybody needs time out. What do you do in your free time?

I listen to a lot of music, watch films, read, cook, and meditate. I also have two cats who like to watch me do all of these things.

Tention Free: How can people find you and follow you online?

I’m always on Instagram, @suzanne_etc, as well as Twitter. My website has my full social media list. You can always just search Suzanne Etc, and you’ll find me.

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